Youth Initiative for Development & SAccountability (YIDA) is an affiliate of the African Youth Political Congress (AYOPOCO); Africa’s largest youth based Not for Proft Making Non-Partisan Organization with seasoned youth leaders and professionals in Africa set up with the sole aim of causing positive change in our polity. We have a driving force to get our youths to be actively involved in the political deliberations around the continent of Africa.

We are working assiduously to change the trend where many of our youths have been used as negative political tools in the form of thuggery and manipulation of electoral processes and results or outcomes. Political killings round the continent by aspirants/candidates are carried out through contracted youths. AYOPOCO/YIDA have identified the huge potential that constructive Youth involvements in the political development of the continent can accelerate the pace of our democratization process as a continent and pull together the needed investment for our socio-economic development.

We educate our youths on the need for self-education with emphasis on the inculcation of the relevant values of hard work, diligence and the true spirit of patriotism amongst all youths irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. This entrepreneurship education would cause a paradigm shift from the over reliance on our governments for employment to the understanding that they can also grow small businesses into larger ones which would employ other young persons in productive ventures with little or no government support.

AYOPOCO is not and will never be a violent organization but an organization with consistent and well bread youths with spectacular records in civil activism, advocacy and lobbying acumen. We shall act as the voice of the voiceless citizens through the mobilization and articulation of the concerns of the vulnerable especially the young ones.

AYOPOCO is an independent body and shall remain at that. We are for the people and will not be affiliated to any political party but shall project candidates to vie for political office in any general election for the interest of the people and for the interest of true democracy. We are out to leave an indelible mark in the history of Africa for youth liberation. We are set to do our homework by showcasing good governance and credibility through our BLACK AYOPOCO quarterly magazine. Constructive dialogue shall be our negotiative tool and the media shall be our closest friend.


The African Youths Political Congress is the product of decades of thoughtful experience in changing the values, beliefs, and behaviors of youth and adults, making institutions more effective and developing mechanisms for people of all ages to work productively together toward achieving important goals. The model’s developer, Isiakpere Hope Jasper Edafe, began his career in 2006; Jasper built a successful consulting practice, implementing the model in communities throughout Ghana. In July 2010, with support from friends and families, he founded The African Youths Political Congress(AYOPOCO) and in 2014 YIDA was founded in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and some other parts of Africa.

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