This program is at the heart of the core philosophy of the founding of the African Youth Political Congress (AYOPOCO). Youth in Political Participation (YPP) acknowledges the inability of African political leaders to consciously tap into the potentials of their youths for the promotion of peace and development of the continent, this project questions the deliberate exclusion of youths from actively participating in the political space of their various countries and is therefore creating the opportunity for youths to engage their political leaders to ultimately reverse this trend.

The program uses the media to draw the attention of African political leaders about the short, medium to long term dangers of excluding the youths from political participation while using capacity training seminars to equip the youths to actively participate in the political space of their respective countries. We put the interest of the youths at the center of our advocacy.


The Youth in Entrepreneurship Development (YED) recognizes the profound contribution of the private sector to the development of the economies of Africa. Many African economies are making sturdy gains even though some others are relatively lagging behind. The relative economic growth in Africa is gradually being eroded by the mass youth unemployment in the continent which has been manifesting itself in the continuous exodus of African youths to Europe, America and other places across the globe for supposed greener pasture or better opportunities. The African Youth Political Congress’ YED program acknowledges that youth entrepreneurship development is indispensable if the continent would see an end in the poverty, destitution, near starvation and mass exodus of its youth to Europe, America and elsewhere.

We train the youth to become successful entrepreneurs through our YED project which has as part of its core pillars a mentoring and coaching opportunity imbedded in it to link our youths to successful role-models who serve as reference or guide.


This component of our interventions ensures that through its partnership with Governments and Youth related Ministries, Agencies and Departments the African Youth Political Congress (AYOPOCO) is able to monitor and influence all policies which affect the Youths of the respective countries on the continent. With our inputs in the form of position papers and communiqués we seek to influence youth policies by scrutinizing these policies to ascertain their responsiveness or otherwise to the development of the youths.


As a youth oriented organization African Youth Political Congress (AYOPOCO) trains the youth to develop critical leadership skills which would make these youth good leaders who would be relevant to their peers and their countries in general. Leadership skills are crucial and ever-evolving therefore it is important to prepare the youth for the responsibility of the development of the larger continent of Africa through the appropriate leadership skills.


Education is the bedrock of the development of every society, therefore one of the missions of the African Youth Political Congress (AYOPOCO) is the promotion of Quality Education for the youth.

A highly educated youth translates into a highly productive human resource and highly educated human resources are a precondition for the appropriate development and utilization of the natural resources available for the development of the continent. We support the provision of universal quality and affordable education across all strata of society without any form of exclusion or discrimination.


The African Youth Political Congress (AYOPOCO) is also engaged in tracking the progress of the implementation of the African Youth Charter (AYC). We are specifically interested in the number of countries on the continent which have ratified and gone ahead to domesticate or operationalized it, which countries have only ratified without operationalizing it, which countries are yet to ratify it etc. We share in the Principle, Content and the Philosophy behind the African Youth Charter (AFC) albeit not as a static and an absolutely cast-in-concrete document but as a blue print for the uniform development of the youths of Africa. Our annual African Youth Policy Dialogue and Advocacy series are organized to discuss this African Youth Charter (AYC) amongst Youth leaders, Governments and their respective Youth Ministries and Agencies and other relevant stakeholders who are brought together to learn and share experiences regarding best practices, shortcomings and the way forward.

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